Shopping vintage & antiques in Reykjavik. Part 2

I know it’s been 2 years since I wrote the Shopping vintage & antiques in Reykjavik Part 1 post, but if anything, I only got to discover new places to shop vintage meanwhile.

Sadly Friða Frænka, the antique shop mentioned in my Part 1 post has closed down. There are random sales happening here and there on their behalf so keep an eye on their facebook page to see when that is.

And now, to my all time favorites in vintage clothes & objects, I have three places here in Reykjavik that I am very happy with and that, although all require some digging, can yield you some great and cheap finds:

1.Gyllti Kotturinn 

This is hands down my favorite vintage shop in Iceland. Given how shipping to Iceland is always a pain, and I am not so patient as to wait for one month for a vintage dress ordered on Etsy, Gyllti Kotturinn is literally gold. Once I discovered it, I have started going quite often and not once have I left empty handed. The shop is downtown and Gyllti Koturinn means The Golden Cat. And yes, there actually is a cat called Baktus whom you can often see sleeping on the piles of clothes in the shop and is certainly worth following on Instagram.

The shop also sells new clothes but you’ll find that the basement is always filled with vintage goodies and their strength is in fur. You can find vintage fur coats, fur collars, hats, they have the best selection. Then you should also look for vintage leather purses, vintage gloves and of course, clothes – particularly dresses.

Best buy: vintage fur pieces, coats, collars and hats

Here are some photos I stole from their Facebook page to prove it: 
gyltti kotturinn



2. Goði Hirdirinn

If you are willing to “get your hands dirty” then Goði Hirdirinn is for you. A bit about the shop: it is a charity shop, people in Iceland donate their stuff and then it makes its way in the shop for everyone to buy. They sell everything, from furniture (I have seen some crazy cool vintage couches and armchairs there so far) to frames and mirrors, paintings and all the way up to kitchen stuff like plates, cups, pots, literally everything you can imagine. Books are a great deal there also, each book in any other language than Icelandic costs 100ISK which is literally $0.80 (crazy, I know!).

The reason I said you would be getting you hands dirty is because if you want to find good stuff you need to be there when the shop opens at 12PM (every day except for Sundays). People are queueing in front of it maybe 10-20 minutes before it opens and there might be some pushing when you try to get in. I guess the shop does have an allure of catering to poorer people but that’s never stopped me. Digging through stuff is quite common and if you plan to go you should know you need around an hour to check everything out. Oh and you need to be fast because stuff gets snatched right from under your eyes sometimes. I have found some really cool, authentic vintage stuff there and like every respected vintage girl, I actually enjoy the digging and the surprise of finding a good gem.

Best buy: Antique frames, mirrors and paintings

Here are some of the things I bought from this shop:

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 2.39.50 PM

All these golden framed goodies were bought there.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 2.40.59 PM

This table and the flower needle point “painting” you see on the side. Also the white flower pot.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 2.42.25 PM

This vintage powder box from the 50s which looks amazing and is an actual collector’s piece.


3. Bókin Antikvariat in downtown Reykjavik

Bókin is actually a place I have passed by very often, as it is downtown, but never really checked out until recently. It’s an antique books shop and it pulled me in with its amazing Life magazine covers that they display in the windows, most of them from the 40s and 50s. The place is amazing, it’s full of old books, you never know what you’ll find and the chance to find a gem is quite high. On the walls they have old posters, badges and old magazine covers. It’s such an authentic place, the prices are good and the owner is there to guide you or help you find whatever it is you’re looking for. So, if books are your thing, Bókin is a great place to check out especially since it’s most certainly on your way when strolling downtown. If you are also into the 30s, 40s and 50s, HERE you can see some of the Life Magazines that they have available for sale.

Best buy: Vintage magazines from the 40s & 50s and vintage posters.


Vintage Young Horsewoman Issue of Life magazine from 1950s that you can find at Bókin.

Then, one place I would not ignore when in Reykjavik is the Red Cross. There are quite few Red Cross shops spread in Reykjavik but there is a particular one that I find to be the best when it comes to actual vintage pieces and that is the newest shop which you can find downtown at Skólavörðustíg 12. I’ve seen some old pieces there and I’d say chances are high you’ll like find something good.

I hope this helps you find some great vintage and antique pieces in your travels to Iceland. And if you know any other great places you have discovered here then don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.

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How to keep stylish when travelling to Iceland


Every other fashion website or blog I read has an article on “How to dress like a French woman” or how to dress like whatever other nationality out there. And I agree, achieving that effortless French look is a goal to so many but Iceland and the other Nordic countries are doing pretty well also, so I figured, I will put together some points on how to dress like an Icelandic woman. Icelanders already have a pretty distinct look and it’s also quite uniform, in my opinion. So, although I am not Icelandic myself, in the last 4 years and with my interest in fashion, I have observed the trends and (although initially fought it) even adopted few of them myself.

Here is what to wear if you want to keep stylish in Iceland and even pass as a local:

1. Wear fur

what to wear in Iceland

Eggert Feldskeri

Blame it on the weather but fur is the perfect way to keep both warm and fashionable when in Iceland. And you have two options: you can go for a new piece, whether it’s a fur coat, a huge fur hat or just fur trimmed gloves. There are quite few jaw-dropping Icelandic brands that have fur clothing. My favorite ones are: Eggert the furrier which makes living on air and water to save money for that fur hat completely understandable. Then there is the new brand Nora whose coats have that perfect Scandinavian cut. Nora is using sheep fur and is all about organic and sustainable products.

The other option, which is the one most Icelanders go for, is to buy a vintage fur coat. I have been quite obsessed with vintage fur pieces lately and have managed to gather quite few also. Although I don’t own any coats, I do have a fur cape, and fox fur collars are my go-to, usually paired with some chunky knits and large coats to kinda tone down the glamour and keep a good balance that goes with the grey weather. The Icelandic shop where I have bought most of my fur pieces is Gyllti Kötturinn which is a vintage shop downtown Reykjavik, they have sales quite often and I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever left that place without buying something I love.

2. Ankle boots 

Reykjavik Fashion Festival. Source: Vogue

Reykjavik Fashion Festival. Source: Vogue

Obviously wearing sandals or flip-flops in Iceland is not an option, not even in the summer (and ditch the flip-flops altogether). Unless you wear socks to match. Same goes for pumps, you can wear them, sure, but again, pair them with socks or leggings. So, the shoes you want to wear to pass by as Icelandic are ankle boots. They can be flats or wedges or have heels, all options work. Except you must wear heels to go downtown partying in weekends though, the higher, the better!

3. Chunky knits

This is quite an obvious one except the knits must be chunky. If it’s chunky enough to make you doubt whether you should go out like that, then you have reached the perfect amount of chunky-ness. And I’m not even joking, I love to wear chunky everything in Iceland, sweaters, coats, ponchos, capes… ok, it’s mostly that, you wanna keep skinny jeans or tights on the lower side. Why? To make the chunk even chunkier, of course! So, embrace it and once you do you won’t be able to give up the coziness.

4. Layering

Reykjavik Fashion Festival

Reykjavik Fashion Festival Source: Vogue

Layering is a must. The weather in Iceland changes many times a day so you wanna be prepared for both a blizzard and for some sun rays. And the way to do that is to layer as effective as you can. Start with a base-layer like a tank-top or even one of those wool-thermal tops (I don’t own one, I don’t do practicality, just esthetics. Yes, I catch a cold often but what are you gonna do :D) Then add a long sleeve top and then a cardigan and then another cardigan and a jacket and a chunky scarf and then you’re done. Two jackets is not uncommon either. Huge parkas on top are a must! 66 North is doing the best of jobs in the parka area.

5. Black everything 

Reykjavik Fashion Festival. Source: Vogue

Reykjavik Fashion Festival. Source: Vogue

I guess it’s more a matter of wearing dark colors rather but can’t go wrong with black, that’s for sure. When I moved to Iceland I had couple colorful pieces (I was already wearing lots of black and grey) but they just felt out of place, wearing turquoise or pink or any electric colors just didn’t work. I guess it’s more a matter of not having bright colors like popping colors and have more blurred ones and toned down colors. Kron by Kron Kron is a colorful and delightful exception though. Either way, if you’re thinking about putting on some spring-colors then just don’t. But army-green is very popular and also prints. r is a great Icelandic brand where you can get your black stash from.

6. Wear Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market Icelandic fashion

Farmers Market

Farmer’s Market has, in my opinion, the most Icelandic looking stuff. They have new collections every season which include a lot of wool, fur, leather and everything else to keep you warm. They also keep really consistent and are doing a great job with their branding. The brand is really cool and crazy fashionable in an Icelandic, rustic kinda way. I mean, if you get the chance, check out their design studio and shop – Farmers & Friends which is so perfectly designed I wanna move in! So, yes, if you are coming to Iceland or just wanna feel like you’re in Iceland then get one of their pieces, a sweater or some mittens, it’ll sure do the trick!

Farmers & Friends shop

Farmers & Friends shop

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A Compendium Of Books For The Eccentric

I have been reading quite a lot lately, blame it on the Icelandic winter & the darkness, on the fact that I travelled quite a bit lately & books shops are my no.1 go-to places, or even on the excitement of soon getting my very own, first time ever library in my own apartment. Either way, lots of reading & lots of buying of books has been going on lately. Actually I feel like the last batch of books I got both in my last trip to Los Angeles & here in Reykjavik is a particularly exquisite one and with a common theme, they are all revolving around elegant living: travel, fashion, beauty, food.  So I thought I’d share.

But be warned, most books promote the eccentric living at its best, so proceed cautiously.

Your Beauty Mark – The Ultimate Guide To Eccentric Glamour

The No. 1 book, which I am so happy I used my flight kg allowance for, when coming from LA, is Dita von Teese’s latest book – Your Beauty Mark. This book, I swear (and not in vain) is the most perfect & helpful beauty bible for vintage gals. I was even very close to getting it signed by Dita as she was promoting it in Barnes & Noble but then work interfered and I didn’t get to the event. Either way, best buy ever & I will get to meet Dita one day, I simply must!


The book is as perfect as Dita and it actually contains all of her beauty secrets, from applying eyeliner, to doing your hair, to using perfume and taking soothing baths. The beauty products that Dita is using are also mentioned and, for someone who is not the biggest make-up connoisseur, that’s quite helpful, especially since she is not only using outstandingly expensive brands.

The book is full of glamorous photos of Dita, walk-throughs & even interviews with other inspiring muses like Catherine Baba for example.

But the book is about more than just applying make-up and using moisturizing, it’s about celebrating beauty, not the standard-media-obsessed-model-like beauty but glamorous beauty, the beauty that makes you feel good and most importantly, makes you unique.

“I’ve always felt that creating glamour is an art form and it’s different from God-given beauty,” said Von Teese in an interview with “It’s a little bit like someone putting on their drag. We all have this opportunity to style ourselves the way we want to be seen, and sometimes it’s vastly different from what we’re born with.” 

The Vintage Tea Party by Angel Adoree


I got this as a present from a great friend and it quickly turned into one of my favorite books. This one is from Anthropology but I am quite sure you can find it in book shops also. It’s basically your vintage guide to hosting tea parties full of colorful and fun, easy-to-do British recipes with a twist like baked brie in puff pastry which I have now baked twice and loved it.


The book is also a guide to everything vintage, from choosing the best vintage pieces at the flea market to how-to’s of vintage hairstyles, make-up and many DYIs. Add some cute drawings of fancy rabbits, goats in hats, foxes and you’ve got a vintage Alice in Wonderland story with lots of great cooking tips and sparkly berry drink recipes.

Infinite Variety – The Life And Legend Of The Marchesa Casati 

“I want to be a living work of art”


I found this book at the library after searching for it quite some time in different book shops with no luck. This is the biography of Marchesa Luisa Casati who is still an inspiration among fashion lovers and got her fame for being fearless in her life choices. From her evening strolls, naked beneath her furs, to preferring cheetahs in diamond-studded leashes as her pet companions, she has shocked many and fascinated even more. So, I obviously wanted to read all about her. I haven’t gotten to the end of this book yet but I am already captivated. Luisa Casati was no ordinary beauty, quite the opposite, yet she inspired so many, Dita von Teese would definitely agree. In fact, La Marchesa could easily be a spokesperson for Your Beauty Mark now that I think of it. I am quite sure any book about Marchesa Luisa Casati would be equally fascinating so if you ever get your hands on one I am sure you’ll enjoy it. The book has many photos also and I could stare at them for ages.

PS: Pandora, who is one of my favorite bloggers could be a great Marchesa. And here’s La Divina Marchesa in a painting by Boldini:



Encyclopedia Of The Exquisite – An Anecdotal History Of Elegant Desires

“Cleverly illustrated, Encyclopedia of the Exquisite is an ode to life’s plenty, from extravagant to eccentric. It is a celebration of luxury, but it is not about money”.


Getting a hold of this book was not fun. I ordered it while in Iceland from a Romanian website thinking that it will arrive to my home in Romania by the time I made it there for Christmas. I was wrong. Long story short, it took forever but the book was worth the wait. As the title implies, this book is an encyclopedia. However, one that focuses on the elegant, the rare, the commonplace and the delightful. I read this book and I instantly feel fancy, cultured, refined and happy! Subjects cover champagne and how it became so popular, the evolution of the Japanese kimono, the frillies and who wore them first, the effect of red lipstick during WWII and many other equally fascinating topics. Each entry features engaging anecdotes, oh and even a couple cooking recipes.

A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable

Do you remember couple years ago when they discovered an apartment in the 9th arrondissement in Paris that had not been opened for 70 years? It was all over the news. Turns out the apartment belonged to Marthe de Florian – a socialite of the Belle Epoque who had been the muse of the famous painter Boldini (just like La Casati). This painting was locked and hidden from the world in the same apartment until just recently. Meet Marthe: 


If you haven’t, you must read this article immediately. It is an outstanding story and luckily Michelle Gable turned into much more. She wrote the book A Paris Apartment which builds on the real story and combines Marthe’s story with that of April Vogt, an expert in antique furniture who goes to Paris to evaluate the findings. The book is fiction but keeps so many details from the real story. I absolutely loved this book, it goes perfectly with a glass of rosé, so if you want something dreamy that evokes the idillic Paris during la Belle Epoque then I strongly suggest this.

PS: For those of you in Romania, you can find this book at Carturesti which is where I bought mine. It´s called Apartament la Paris.

Places to go, people to see –  a KATE SPADE book

I got this book quite recently and although it’s mostly photos I didn’t manage to go through it all yet. I want to give every page the proper attention and also enjoy the small lists that pop up here and there. Like the one suggesting names for a top-secret alias to help you go incognito in one of your trips:

Apple Addison

Peach Fredericks

Clover Jones

Ladybug Bly

Rainy Beauregarde

Sunny Caulfield

Coco Goldenrod 

I am keeping Rainy Beauregard for myself so feel free to chose from the rest of names 😉


The book is all about travel through the lens of the always-inspired Kate Spade New York girl – mixing fashion, a strong wanderlust vibe, music, movies, hotels and a lot more. It’s a coffee table book and whenever I feel like I need a vacation I am quite certain that browsing this, playing the playlist suggested, watching one or two of the movies mentioned and doing a bit of dreaming will do, for starters.

The book showcases some of the chic-est destinations like the Amalfi Coast, Marrakech, St Morritz and the I-can-never-get-too-much-of Paris.

PS: The book has 4 lovely postcards at the back which can be taken down and sent forward. I plan to “get rid” of mine soon.

My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz


This one I got from the Reykjavik library and I am kinda hoping I´ll manage to buy it somewhere soon. Although at a first glance it looks like a cook book, it is a lot more than that! The book does indeed have a lot of great recipes that I plan to try like eggplant caviar, onion tart, coffee creme brulee and many other French dishes. But the parts I like most are the anecdotes from David’s life as a chef in Paris. How he was perceived once he moved there (coming from America), how he chose the apartment he ended up living in and what was most important for him when getting his kitchen equipped. He talks about the habits of Parisians and he describes them perfectly, with their goods and bads.


Other sections of this book that makes it quite valuable (as I am no cooking expert) are the tips on cooking something as simple as fries, how to distinguish cheeses, how to choose your wines, how to shop at the farmer’s market. The book has many great photos of Paris (never too many, n’est pas?) and it is a delight, I have never enjoyed reading a cook book so much. For recipes, stories and Paris this is my no.1 option!

These are some of the books I got my hands on lately and it’s such an inspiring, dreamy, stylish bunch. I do recommend each and every one of them if you love vintage, Paris, traveling, cooking and enjoy decadent activities like drinking champagne, wearing red lipstick and fur, hosting parties and writing love notes.

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Miss Peregrine at the Lighthouse

I recently bought a Kindle. Finally, right? Well I can´t say I always wanted one because I didn´t really; in fact, given how I love vintage clothes, antique cards, all sorts of other old things and writing letters rather than emails, I of course was sure that nothing can replace the feeling of a printed book and the smell of its pages. I was skeptical when my boyfriend brought a Kindle home just to give it a try, see if I like it. I decided to give it a try and it was filled with books, hundreds of books, in this tiny black leather device, and I must admit it had me at hello and by hello I mean lots of Anais Nin novels. And then, knowing that I can quickly get any book I want from Amazon it hit me, I can finally read this book that I have been wanting since forever – Miss Peregrine´s Home for Peculiar Childern by Ransom Riggs. So, the story about this whole craving of mine. Two years ago, not a long time after I had moved to Iceland I heard about this literary event happening in the Reykjavik city hall and not knowing much about the special guest Ransom Riggs I decided to go. The event was great in the sense that there were maybe 15 people at best, I mean Ransom Riggs and especially his Miss Peregrine books (there are 2 of them, I still haven´t gotten to the 2nd) were very famous and here I was so close to the author and listening to him and his story about collecting old pictures from the 1800s and how he decided to build a story on account of the pictures he had found. It was magical, really. And still I was not able to afford the book right away and later when I wanted to buy it I could not find it anywhere in Reykjavik. And so two years have passed, I have read some other books since and bought even more. But never Miss Peregrine´s Home for Peculiar Children, until now. Few clicks away I had the book on the Kindle. And started reading it as fast as I could, after all, I had been waiting forever.

Needless to say that I loved it. The book is filled with old pictures, the story is very captivating and exactly my type, it has a haunted house, monsters, creepiness, war and Miss Peregrine, whom I recently found, will be played in the upcoming movie (2016 to be released) by one of my favorite actresses – Eva Green whose creepy Penny Dreadful is happening in Victorian England also and the outfits are Ah-mazing!

So, given one of my latest obsessions (I have many) I did a victorian photoshoot at the lighthouse,  pretty much my favorite place in Reykjavik. And I think I managed the Miss Peregrine vibe quite well (did not have a pipe though). The place is magnificent, I even found sea urchins on the ground among a lot of algae, shells and the dark sand.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 20.15.55Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 20.17.25Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 20.16.36

I just had to add a vintage filter to the pictures but the colors were amazing around the place and the sunset was close (at just 4PM sadly), so here are some originals also: Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 19.32.36Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 19.34.42Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 19.33.17

By the way, did I mention how much into Instagram I am lately? I am posting once a day there and that’s just because I am refraining myself from not full in-10 pics a day crazy. So you should check it out HERE

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 20.22.23Cheers!


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And a Happy New Year

Here are the two outfits that I got to wear for the New Year´s Eve; I wore three all in all but for the last one, which I slipped into after 2AM, I did not get to take pictures and it was anyway just a shiny downtown partying outfit. Given how cold it is in Iceland I did not dare to wear any of these two lovely dresses and switched to a pants outfit. The blue dress is a vintage 40s one that I got in Reykjavik in a vintage shop and hardly got to wear it and the second is a River Island that I got in Dublin earlier this year but which, again, never used to its full potential. Nevertheless, pictures:



IMG_1395And although I did not get to do my list of New Year resolutions, here are some fashion related “goals” I have for the year:

– As often as I can and get the time, wear the 20s finger wave hairstyle (it´s the one you see in these pics and I love it) 

– Buy only designer pieces or vintage this year 

– Wear fake eyelashes more (I really like the dramatic vibe they give and of course they go so well with the 20s ensemble and style) 

– Invest in my new lingerie obsession (Agent Provocateur here I come) and increase my vintage slips collection

– Finally get my dose of Besame Cosmetics

Oh, and one thing that really moved me last week was to read Marilyn Monroe´s resolutions from the year 1955. She had a serious list of activities and as fun it is to see what she had aimed for, it is also a sad list with a heart breaking ending. Here is her list but you can read it all better HERE.



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Reigning Halloween

“I’m a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm. And the scars that mark my body, they’re silver and gold.”


As never before, this year I have been way to busy to put a lot of thinking into the whole Halloween matter, although it is honestly my favorite holiday, after my birthday of course. One evening while watching Reign (which I am completely obsessed with) I figured I should be a queen for Halloween and since I knew there is no way to actually buy a proper crown which is not plastic and tacky, I decided to make my own, out of a hanger. Yes you heard that right, I took a hanger which I could easily bend and made a crown-like shape which I covered afterwards in this super slim sequin scarf and then killed a necklace which was already missing some rhinestones, took some parts from that, added them to the crown and then added some flower also to give it “muchness”. The dress is one I got from a vintage shop the other day and I love it because it’s red-burgundy velvet and it’s super tight. I added a lace transparent caftan instead of a skirt and a lot of crosses and jewells and ta-dah! I am Mary Queen of Scots (the non-bloody version)!

And the dark Halloween background:

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Brilliant and “make-upless” for brunch!


Although the pictures might say differently, I am not going to start preaching about the importance of breakfast or brunch or even lunch – if that is the first meal of your day, after all, who am I to say anything since, if given the choice, I would always choose to sleep 15 minutes more instead of waking up to put together a sandwich. Oh, and I don’t even drink coffee! I know, blasphemy some of you might think, but the way I see it, the less vices one has the more control he or she gains – very Lord Henry Wotton (The Picture of Doarin Gray) of me to say that but I guess I would rather be at the mercy of other, more exquisite addictions.

Changing the subject, I, same as everyone else who has at least a small interest in fashion, have been following the Fashion Week news and gossip lately and it looks like one of the things that has gotten everyone’s attention is the shows of one of my favorite designers ever since I got all fashionably grunge in high school – Marc Jacobs. Now, Marc Jacobs is always amazing and always gets the attention he needs but this time he sent his models on the runway with no make-up, which is a great deal! You might not think it is a big deal, after all, us commoners go out with no make-up all the time, well, ok, maybe not all the time, but still. But it is different to wear no make-up when you almost never wear it and its also easy to do it when you go outside your home knowing that you won’t meet anyone you know, however, when you are a model and your main job is to look good, make-up is most probably that one thing that you would take with you on a deserted island without flinching. And let’s face it, fashion week usually makes people go all peacock with their clothes, hair, make-up and accessories, it’s always the more the better for some reason, so seeing these girls wear no make-up is quite refreshing.

And to that spirit, here is me with no make-up (except for a red-ish lip balm, there is a limit to how much I would do for Marc) and also with my unhealthy breakfast (although it seems the scientists have proven that bacon and fat are healthier than fruit, and I am not one to argue with scientists, that’s for sure):





Also, this guy here got his own Instagram Profile! So go follow him at @ludwigkittensson he loves attention! 🙂 IMG_2992


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The one about make-up

Although not such a huge fan of make-up (clothes and fashion take too much of my time), I have developed a very budget-friendly make-up routine that fits me perfectly, is easy to use (I really don´t have patience to “paint” my lids or make shadows or other fancy patterns) and doesn´t make me feel like I am wearing a mask. Mission accomplished, so I wanted to share it with you!


When it comes to foundation, I have tried many brands from Dior to Chanel to LÓreal and Avon. What I look for in a foundation is not for it to cover my every single imperfection and freckle but to give me a uniform look, possibly hydrate a bit and also protect from outside´s damaging factors. I like foundations that are fluid and soft rather than consistent. So I use, and will continue using, Bourjois´ Healthy Mix Serum which is supposed to contain natural fruit extracts, such as apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple as an anti-oxidant and ginger for energy. Fruity or not, I am sold!

Mascara-wise same story! Been there tried that and I am sticking to Maybelline´s Great Lash Mascara. And oh, I just found out this awesome trick that honestly gives my lashes a whole new length, I don´t know if everyone is doing this already and I am late to the party but, did you ever try adding mascara while your eyes are closed? One of them at once preferably. You need to be a bit more careful when applying but it does wonders!

I don´t use any eye powdery make-up on a daily basis unless I am going to an event or I am wearing something fancy that needs stronger make-up or it´s party time. But instead I compensate with a bold red lipstick, my favorite! Honestly, if I would have to choose just one piece of make-up I would go with the red lipstick always! My favorites are: this from Sephora and also this (Rouge d’Enfer 121) from Guerlain which is a lot creamier and I don´t even feel it that I am wearing it.

For the face I rely on my Vitamin E serum from The Body Shop, although I am not using so much make-up I still feel like I am stressing my face quite a lot especially the area around my eyes and so I apply it after cleaning my face and before going to sleep.  Then in the morning it´s time for some high definition powder, because you literally can´t see it but it does its job and keeps oiliness away, and blush – I love blush, it makes me feel so french 🙂 And for both I am using E.L.F products! And I top it all off with Benefit´s High Beam illuminating cream, for a shiny complexion!

And that´s all! But now that I think about it, I am not using as few things as I had thought. What are you using? Any budget-friendly products that you decided to stick with?

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A Royal state of mind





Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 6.27.14 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 6.25.36 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 6.36.05 PM

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I believe that at one point or another any girl dreams about being a princess and as you grow up this obsession might not go away. However after passing a particular age, wands and tiaras are no longer socially acceptable, so what can one do to stay royal you ask? I find myself quite fascinated by the aristocratic living and have therefore developed some small yet effective habits that make me feel like I live in a castle.

Here is what to do to add a drop of royalty to your life: 

Write Letters. I do this quite often and it´s an immense pleasure especially because I live so far from my family and a lot of my friends. You should give it a try, it´s fun and you will see that once you start sending them you will soon be getting letters back. Finding pretty envelopes in my mail box is one of the small things that always make my day! 

Drink from fancy glasses. Grabbing a fancy glass every time you drink wine or something else is the easiest thing, it doesn´t matter if you are alone, it will give you a fancy vibe and it will be ten times more enjoyable that the alternative. After creating a bar in our home I started drinking a lot of Cosmopolitans (yes, Carrie) and I just had to have the special cocktail glass that goes with it!

Wear brooches. I know this sounds like something that you grandma would do and it´s not an incredibly popular habit among young people, however every time I add a brooch to an outfit the royal vibe follows. Get some vintage but not very expensive, old looking brooches and add them to a suit jacket, a fur collar or your daily jacket, it will be a subtle attention grabber and if you make sure that the colors fit then you are on the good path! 

Buy flowers! It doesn´t have to be a celebration in order to surround yourself with flowers. Most of the times when I go to the supermarket, I add a bouquet of white or pink roses which sit on my newly painted make-up table in a golden antique vase. There are no better decorations than flowers and they have a habit of always making you feel better by simply looking at them! 

Wear headpieces. Being a royalty is a lot about the attitude and noblesse but also about the look and as crowns and tiaras might be a bit too much, other headpieces can beautifully blend with your daily outfit adding that imperial feeling. Every time I buy a necklace I try it as a headpiece also and most of them work nicely, the headpiece from the pictures you just saw is actually a necklace from Stradivarius but it looks a lot better on my head, wouldn´t you agree? 









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Pre-birthday Preparations









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This year I decided to have a pre-birthday and a birthday! Luckily enough, yesterday was a day off and what better use for a day than to make it an extension to ones birthday? Although I used the whole day the excuse “but it´s my birthday” and my significant other decided to play along, I did not make such a huge deal out of it and used my day for preparing for the actual day. As I have been quite into baking & co lately, I decided to make a cake (which took me like 5 hours), after all birthdays should be full of cakes, cookies, champagne, flowers,  favourite foods and favourite people.

And speaking of favourite foods:


I don´t always dress up for baking but a special day goes best with a special outfit and since I just bought this apron from Harrods in my trip to Dublin last week, i decided to go (almost) all in and get the skirt, heels and some sparkle every here and there. And then wine and macaroons were the best addition to “party”.

And if you notice any scratches on my hands/back, they are from my awesome birthday present! Meet Little Lúðvík, the best birthday present EVER!


I will get back to my birthday activities now (you know I take this stuff very seriously)!

PS: I got the most awesome ballerina Carrie-like dress for this day! Pictures coming in the next post!

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