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Formal by day and sequined by night?

What do you do when you are passionate about fashion and about putting outfits together, when you get inspired every day by new things and especially by new cultures and traditional costumes from all over the world but still you … Continue reading

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You may say i`m a dreamer, but business is business

I have some experience in team work and also in working alone on tasks that should be performed by entire teams, if you take a look at my CV i am doing so many things from sales to marketing to … Continue reading

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The “perfect picture” & the beginning of spring

Photo credits Jan O. Brinker Most of the pictures that i posted so far have been properly directed photo shoots for which we took maybe 100 pics for each and just chose maximum 10 that actually look as we wanted … Continue reading

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Inspirational Wednesday

  You know that completely addictive yet hard to live without site that helps us virtually enrich our wardrobes and decide how our future houses are gonna look like? Yep, it`s Pinterest and it is awesome, at the same time … Continue reading

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The Glass Castle & its Queen

Since the idea of this new blog started, we kept looking and considering locations around Reykjavik, and as i am normally not a visiting type of person, this pretty much opened my eyes to places that although i have seen, … Continue reading

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As effective as the seven deathly sins

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Fabulously soaked in the rain

  I believe that sometimes the things you do not premeditate are the ones that turn out the best and the times you have the most fun (which should totally be a lesson for me to stop trying to control … Continue reading

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