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As you might have suspected, I am not obsessed just with myself, although my “personal style” pictures would make you think so. But no, I am also obsessed with many other things, I move from obsession to obsession in a fashionable manner and do not ponder on one for too long, sometimes my obsessions are so fast that I don´t even get to act upon them… which I could not be more grateful for.  In fact I change my mind so quickly that 90% of my online-shopping attempts fail, by the time I get to pay for my shopping cart I decide I don´t like what I chose anymore or just get bored with the idea of owning a particular piece. That is what I call smart shopping, after all, they do say you should always ask yourself “do I need this?”, “do I have where to wear it?”, “does it fit my body shape?”. All in all, I decided to share with you my current obsessions. Here we go:

1. SJP´s New Shoe Collection 

By the time this was launched I was actually in London which gave me a small spark of hope that I might be able to at least see the shoes live in some sort of shop. Painfully, the collections is only available in Nordstrom stores and my dream quickly went down the drain. You would say that I only want these because Sarah Jessica Parker is behind it, that it´s all part my Sex and the City adoration and that I would probably not buy these particular shoes if I knew they are non-SJP shoes. Well, you are right and there is nothing wrong with still wanting to be Carrie . It´s my thing, let it go!

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 9.16.40 PM

2. J.Crew Bridal Trends

I don´t think I am that girl who would actually dare to wear a white lace jumpsuit instead of a wedding dress but luckily I don´t have to worry about it. However, J.Crew´s latest Bridal collection definitely made me doubt my traditional otherwise choices, I mean, look at that amazing design:


3. Nýtt Líf Fashion Magazine

If you haven´t heard of it don´t worry, you are not missing any late trends, unless you live in Iceland in which case I recommend a quick trip to Eymundsson, asap! I have recently discovered Nýtt Líf, I love it, and ok… are you ready? I am slightly unable to read Icelandic! Hah! That is what I call a good magazine and the best reason to start learning Icelandic a bit more!

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 9.33.05 PM

4. Reykjavik Fashion Festival

Since I got into the Icelandic theme, here is another thing that is happening this month. This does not however qualify under “obsessions”, I am past that phase by now, although it is the only fashion festival happening in Iceland, it is once a year and I would say it´s some sort of a replacement for a Fashion Week, more of a Fashion Day. I am not impressed with the designers that will be in the show and I see more value in simply being around so many people with amazing style, always a great view and after all street style is the new black!

5. United Nude Shoes

During a business conference in London (the same that I mentioned before) I got not only to meet many great business professionals, do my networking job and talk about the benefits of clean cloud computing but I also got to know about this amazing shoe shop that for some reason escaped me in the past. The lady in the booth near us was wearing my newest shoe obsession, I of course, got to ask her where she got those babies and am here to report. The shoes were United Nude! And if that doesn´t say anything, well this definitely does:

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 9.50.50 PM

6. Is everyone hanging out without me?

Do you know Mindy Kaling? Are you watching The Mindy Project? If your answer to these two questions is no then you have a bit of catching up to do. Mindy is not your average white girl with perfect hair, skinny body and a strict diet. She doesn´t have to be, you know why? Because she is perfect just as she is! Rocking short skirts like she means it, adding sequins to her day outfit and speaking her mind with no fear of any judgement. Oh, and she is waaay too much into fashion and most importantly into herself, which makes the tv series a delight, perfect to watch if you like a show that you can relate to And did I mention her book that I simply need?

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.10.01 PM

I hope you have enjoyed my newest obsessions and because I am not sooo self-involved, may I ask, what are yours?

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