Brilliant and “make-upless” for brunch!


Although the pictures might say differently, I am not going to start preaching about the importance of breakfast or brunch or even lunch – if that is the first meal of your day, after all, who am I to say anything since, if given the choice, I would always choose to sleep 15 minutes more instead of waking up to put together a sandwich. Oh, and I don’t even drink coffee! I know, blasphemy some of you might think, but the way I see it, the less vices one has the more control he or she gains – very Lord Henry Wotton (The Picture of Doarin Gray) of me to say that but I guess I would rather be at the mercy of other, more exquisite addictions.

Changing the subject, I, same as everyone else who has at least a small interest in fashion, have been following the Fashion Week news and gossip lately and it looks like one of the things that has gotten everyone’s attention is the shows of one of my favorite designers ever since I got all fashionably grunge in high school – Marc Jacobs. Now, Marc Jacobs is always amazing and always gets the attention he needs but this time he sent his models on the runway with no make-up, which is a great deal! You might not think it is a big deal, after all, us commoners go out with no make-up all the time, well, ok, maybe not all the time, but still. But it is different to wear no make-up when you almost never wear it and its also easy to do it when you go outside your home knowing that you won’t meet anyone you know, however, when you are a model and your main job is to look good, make-up is most probably that one thing that you would take with you on a deserted island without flinching. And let’s face it, fashion week usually makes people go all peacock with their clothes, hair, make-up and accessories, it’s always the more the better for some reason, so seeing these girls wear no make-up is quite refreshing.

And to that spirit, here is me with no make-up (except for a red-ish lip balm, there is a limit to how much I would do for Marc) and also with my unhealthy breakfast (although it seems the scientists have proven that bacon and fat are healthier than fruit, and I am not one to argue with scientists, that’s for sure):





Also, this guy here got his own Instagram Profile! So go follow him at @ludwigkittensson he loves attention! 🙂 IMG_2992


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