The one about make-up

Although not such a huge fan of make-up (clothes and fashion take too much of my time), I have developed a very budget-friendly make-up routine that fits me perfectly, is easy to use (I really don´t have patience to “paint” my lids or make shadows or other fancy patterns) and doesn´t make me feel like I am wearing a mask. Mission accomplished, so I wanted to share it with you!


When it comes to foundation, I have tried many brands from Dior to Chanel to LÓreal and Avon. What I look for in a foundation is not for it to cover my every single imperfection and freckle but to give me a uniform look, possibly hydrate a bit and also protect from outside´s damaging factors. I like foundations that are fluid and soft rather than consistent. So I use, and will continue using, Bourjois´ Healthy Mix Serum which is supposed to contain natural fruit extracts, such as apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple as an anti-oxidant and ginger for energy. Fruity or not, I am sold!

Mascara-wise same story! Been there tried that and I am sticking to Maybelline´s Great Lash Mascara. And oh, I just found out this awesome trick that honestly gives my lashes a whole new length, I don´t know if everyone is doing this already and I am late to the party but, did you ever try adding mascara while your eyes are closed? One of them at once preferably. You need to be a bit more careful when applying but it does wonders!

I don´t use any eye powdery make-up on a daily basis unless I am going to an event or I am wearing something fancy that needs stronger make-up or it´s party time. But instead I compensate with a bold red lipstick, my favorite! Honestly, if I would have to choose just one piece of make-up I would go with the red lipstick always! My favorites are: this from Sephora and also this (Rouge d’Enfer 121) from Guerlain which is a lot creamier and I don´t even feel it that I am wearing it.

For the face I rely on my Vitamin E serum from The Body Shop, although I am not using so much make-up I still feel like I am stressing my face quite a lot especially the area around my eyes and so I apply it after cleaning my face and before going to sleep.  Then in the morning it´s time for some high definition powder, because you literally can´t see it but it does its job and keeps oiliness away, and blush – I love blush, it makes me feel so french 🙂 And for both I am using E.L.F products! And I top it all off with Benefit´s High Beam illuminating cream, for a shiny complexion!

And that´s all! But now that I think about it, I am not using as few things as I had thought. What are you using? Any budget-friendly products that you decided to stick with?

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