Don`t panic

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It has been almost two months now since starting this new site and since every experience can be turned into a learning one, here is what i learned from it:

1. Mistakes attract attentions more than good thing sometimes, so if it happens you might as well use them in your advantage. I don`t necessarily believe that “there is no such thing as bad publicity” but then again, it`s not something i wanna try.

2. “You have enemies? Good, then it means you stood up for something!”. I believe no one actually wants everyone to love their blog, and it`s normal that not everybody agrees with what you are writing or posting on it. Sometimes feedback can be constructive, other times you should just be happy that someone is spending so much time and energy thinking about you that they will actually write mean comments.

3. Knowing your target audience is very important because then you will know who`s opinion matters and who you should ignore.

4. Being always told how awesome you are is not necessarily the best thing.

5. The only way to be original is to be 100% you since there is no one you-er than you.

6. That writing for your blog in front of the window is the best. What can i say? Carrie taught me a lot! 🙂

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2 Responses to Don`t panic

  1. Ah… Just love your pics. You have that fashionable attitude that I adore seeing in the magazines! And everything looks so natural about you. For me, that’s worth it a million bucks! And referring to the content, yes, I totally agree with you. Don’t waste your energy on people that are jealous or envious of you. Do you’re thing, girl!

    P.S. So… we’re both fans of Sex and the City:)

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