From the treasure chest

I do believe it is time to stop bragging about my house, HOWEVER, this one in the pictures is the make-up table that I have been looking for all my life!

Ok, done with that now. Although the robe I wear looks a bit Chinese kimono-like, it is actually from my grandma. You see, there is something I do every time I visit my grandma and that is raid her closet. She doesn´t mind, really, she is actually very happy to give me whatever I want. And I do a lot of wanting. It´s funny how every year I look in her closet I see something new. Not something that has not been there before but something that although I have seen, I have´t really noticed in the past. You could blame it on fashion trends, I blame it on the fact that I am on a fast-forward change and therefore something that would have not caught my attention in the past can suddenly do.

I love this robe and not just because it´s my grandma´s (I am a huge fan of everything legacy though) but because it was a present from my grandpa to my grandma when they were young. It´s a very old robe, older than myself but my grandma kept it in an amazing condition. I wish I could say that she kept it like this because she priced it so much but the truth is that it´s in such a great condition (lucky me) because my grandma did in no way liked her present, she hated the colour. Oh well, I love it and promise to give it a chic home, wear it on top of delicate pieces, put it on only when my hair looks good and pair it with shiny, precious jewellery.

Now, behold Grandma´s robe:


DSC_1032 2 DSC_1008_1 DSC_1010_1 DSC_1042_1 DSC_1058_1DSC_1004_1DSC_1028_1 DSC_1052 (1)_1Photo credits: Studio with Love

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