Frozen (Iarna pe ulita)

3c7177c7-7aac-4456-ad91-f44f0b98116a_zps586fa081I am not complaining here, but Iceland is an impossible place to keep a fashion and personal style blog. Not only do I never get any light during the week days because the few hours of daylight are being spent at work, but also how many winter outfits that are actually cool and don´t make you look like a stuffed potato can one have? I mean, I wore my spring/summer jacket to work today and a dress underneath and decided to freeze at -4 this morning, that´s just how bad I am with dressing for cold weather.  So, my point is, pictures in the dark – not so cool, pictures in thick jackets and snow boots – I won´t even! So, what remains is going on road trips while wearing a green velvet dress and your grandma´s jacket (no Macklemore reference, I actually stole this coat from my grandma) and coping with the cold to make sure you at least get some cool pics every other month. Well, at least that´s what I did, if you have any better suggestions, do let me know. Meanwhile, here is what I am talking about:



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Here is the little gnome who took my pictures:

1535630_10202507179135755_224011016_nAnd here is me, end of the trip, having given up on dresses and defeated by the winter:

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