And a Happy New Year

Here are the two outfits that I got to wear for the New Year´s Eve; I wore three all in all but for the last one, which I slipped into after 2AM, I did not get to take pictures and it was anyway just a shiny downtown partying outfit. Given how cold it is in Iceland I did not dare to wear any of these two lovely dresses and switched to a pants outfit. The blue dress is a vintage 40s one that I got in Reykjavik in a vintage shop and hardly got to wear it and the second is a River Island that I got in Dublin earlier this year but which, again, never used to its full potential. Nevertheless, pictures:



IMG_1395And although I did not get to do my list of New Year resolutions, here are some fashion related “goals” I have for the year:

– As often as I can and get the time, wear the 20s finger wave hairstyle (it´s the one you see in these pics and I love it) 

– Buy only designer pieces or vintage this year 

– Wear fake eyelashes more (I really like the dramatic vibe they give and of course they go so well with the 20s ensemble and style) 

– Invest in my new lingerie obsession (Agent Provocateur here I come) and increase my vintage slips collection

– Finally get my dose of Besame Cosmetics

Oh, and one thing that really moved me last week was to read Marilyn Monroe´s resolutions from the year 1955. She had a serious list of activities and as fun it is to see what she had aimed for, it is also a sad list with a heart breaking ending. Here is her list but you can read it all better HERE.



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2 Responses to And a Happy New Year

  1. Emily says:

    You look gorgeous, and the finger wave hair style suits you so well! I love your fashion goals, Besame Cosmetics are excellent! x

    • armina says:

      Thank you Emily, what a surprise! I have actually gone through every single one of your blog posts yesterday on and found it to be extremely charming and very inspirational. So glad I found it! Hugs! -A

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