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Although interior design has always been one of my favourite activities, I never really fantasized about decorating my own home (probably because I was too busy planning what I will be wearing, once I would become an “adult”). Starting with an empty house and white walls can seem quite a challenge, luckily I never had the time to think about it too much and we managed to put everything together in no time, but most importantly in a creative and sophisticated manner. Our living room is big enough that I managed to somehow split in 3 parts. The first part is the rustic one, the “living-room” part of the room with some Romanian accents, Icelandic fur and decorations and our pirate trunk. Its our cozy, comfortable spot and where we spend most of the time.  Oh, and I would like to say this was all properly planned and that this is what I had in mind when I started but that would be a lie. I added one piece at a time, building around the trunk which was the first bought piece and adapting what we already had to it, like the couch.

And since one does not simply decorate a house without some shine and glitter, here´s me, making up for it until I manage to get some sequin pillow cases and such.




DSC_0848_1 DSC_0808_1

DSC_0805_1 DSC_0889_1

DSC_0815 (1) DSC_0842_1 DSC_0900_1Photo credits: Studio with Love 

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