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I believe that at one point or another any girl dreams about being a princess and as you grow up this obsession might not go away. However after passing a particular age, wands and tiaras are no longer socially acceptable, so what can one do to stay royal you ask? I find myself quite fascinated by the aristocratic living and have therefore developed some small yet effective habits that make me feel like I live in a castle.

Here is what to do to add a drop of royalty to your life: 

Write Letters. I do this quite often and it´s an immense pleasure especially because I live so far from my family and a lot of my friends. You should give it a try, it´s fun and you will see that once you start sending them you will soon be getting letters back. Finding pretty envelopes in my mail box is one of the small things that always make my day! 

Drink from fancy glasses. Grabbing a fancy glass every time you drink wine or something else is the easiest thing, it doesn´t matter if you are alone, it will give you a fancy vibe and it will be ten times more enjoyable that the alternative. After creating a bar in our home I started drinking a lot of Cosmopolitans (yes, Carrie) and I just had to have the special cocktail glass that goes with it!

Wear brooches. I know this sounds like something that you grandma would do and it´s not an incredibly popular habit among young people, however every time I add a brooch to an outfit the royal vibe follows. Get some vintage but not very expensive, old looking brooches and add them to a suit jacket, a fur collar or your daily jacket, it will be a subtle attention grabber and if you make sure that the colors fit then you are on the good path! 

Buy flowers! It doesn´t have to be a celebration in order to surround yourself with flowers. Most of the times when I go to the supermarket, I add a bouquet of white or pink roses which sit on my newly painted make-up table in a golden antique vase. There are no better decorations than flowers and they have a habit of always making you feel better by simply looking at them! 

Wear headpieces. Being a royalty is a lot about the attitude and noblesse but also about the look and as crowns and tiaras might be a bit too much, other headpieces can beautifully blend with your daily outfit adding that imperial feeling. Every time I buy a necklace I try it as a headpiece also and most of them work nicely, the headpiece from the pictures you just saw is actually a necklace from Stradivarius but it looks a lot better on my head, wouldn´t you agree? 









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