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This year I decided to have a pre-birthday and a birthday! Luckily enough, yesterday was a day off and what better use for a day than to make it an extension to ones birthday? Although I used the whole day the excuse “but it´s my birthday” and my significant other decided to play along, I did not make such a huge deal out of it and used my day for preparing for the actual day. As I have been quite into baking & co lately, I decided to make a cake (which took me like 5 hours), after all birthdays should be full of cakes, cookies, champagne, flowers,  favourite foods and favourite people.

And speaking of favourite foods:


I don´t always dress up for baking but a special day goes best with a special outfit and since I just bought this apron from Harrods in my trip to Dublin last week, i decided to go (almost) all in and get the skirt, heels and some sparkle every here and there. And then wine and macaroons were the best addition to “party”.

And if you notice any scratches on my hands/back, they are from my awesome birthday present! Meet Little Lúðvík, the best birthday present EVER!


I will get back to my birthday activities now (you know I take this stuff very seriously)!

PS: I got the most awesome ballerina Carrie-like dress for this day! Pictures coming in the next post!

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