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Hi! My name is Armina. I have been born and raised in Arad, Romania but living in Reykjavik, Iceland. While I enjoy working in a corporate environment, fashion remains one of my main hobbies. And this blog is my way of offering you an insight into what inspires me, my fashion obsessions and what it´s like living in Iceland when thick jackets are not really your cup of tea.

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  1. Jasie says:

    Hello! I’m visiting Reykjavik in March and am loving your blog posts. Any additional suggestions outside the typical tourist spots? Most definitely plan to hit the antique shop and flea market you mentioned. Thanks!

    • armina says:

      Hi Jasie, there are a lot of places amazing places in Reykjavik. I guess it depends a lot what you’re into. I would definitely suggest the nightlife, try Húrra, or a concert where you can spot cool people – Kex Hostel is always a good idea. Then if you´re into vintage I recommend Gyllti Kotturinn downtown. Eymundsson is great to sit down for coffee and read the latest magazines & books. All these I mentioned are right downtown. Then definitely go to this lighthouse: http://brilliantforbrunch.com/miss-peregrine-lighthouse/ the beach there is great, it´s called Grótta and not far. Hope you´ll have a great trip!

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