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Pre-birthday Preparations

  This year I decided to have a pre-birthday and a birthday! Luckily enough, yesterday was a day off and what better use for a day than to make it an extension to ones birthday? Although I used the whole day … Continue reading

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All you need is love… and a good photographer!

As summer (and by that I mean Icelandic summer with 20degrees at best) is approaching, I must say that I am quite happy that for a couple of months, taking pictures outside the house will be possible.  I was mentioning … Continue reading

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From Iceland with Love

  If you plan to be a part of a couple photo shoot in Iceland (or any type of shoots really), then you should know the following: 1. Do not trust the weather, go with the safe assumption that it´s … Continue reading

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About fashion(able) obsessions

As you might have suspected, I am not obsessed just with myself, although my “personal style” pictures would make you think so. But no, I am also obsessed with many other things, I move from obsession to obsession in a … Continue reading

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