The bar project

Ever since the craziness with Pinterest started, and it was very early in my case, I wanted a bar cart. I mean, every chic house has one and my house is definitely as chic as it can get, therefore a bar was in order. I wanted a cart with golden accents, transparent shelves, colourful details and strong liquors. So I quickly managed to put together what you see in the following picture (I know, I know, I focused a bit too much on making it look good and didn´t bother much with how practical it would be). Also, I didn´t find a bar cart and because I am not a very patient person, I decided not to wait and go for it:

At that point I was still missing the alcohol but all is set now, no worries. And most of the accessories are from Sostrene Grenes and Ikea.

DSC_0922 DSC_0768DSC_0940 DSC_0934

I do not ride my bike in the house but it did seem to do a lot to the decorum of our living-room so I decided to keep it here over the winter until it gets warm and I can ride it again in a fashionable manner.

DSC_0968 (1) DSC_0972 DSC_0979DSC_0917DSC_0992

Picture credits: Studio with Love

And now, if you too want to put together a bar, here is some info (from Pinterest of course) that guided me, and still does, in my bar project:



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