Welcome to Maison Moschino Part 1


As we were looking on Google Maps for a hotel close to this particular outlet shop (guilty!) and close to the centre of Milan, we very randomly passed by Maison Moschino Hotel with the mouse.  It was clear right then and there that I would not let it go until we booked this hotel and nothing less, for our stay. And so we did! I mean what can better than a fashionable hotel? And I don´t mean a fancy, good looking one but an actual fashion forward place designed by Maison Moschino. My intention was to go to Milan in the first place to have a good shopping time and enjoy Italy´s fashionable vibe and may I say, this hotel filled all my needs!

The decorum was filled with dresses from the hallways to the restaurant- which is the cutest! Having breakfast there managed to get me in a fashionable mood which is my favorite type of moods. Actually my mood was good enough to get me past the fact that, that one outlet shop ( Corso Como Outlet) –  that I so much wanted to visit was not open on any of the days of our stay in Milan.

However I did manage to shop in other places, visit the Duomo (Gothic architecture is my favorite) and also visit the Museum of Science and Technology. After all I am a woman in tech!


What would a fashion place be without magazines? Moschino had some pretty cool ones: IMG_2031






IMG_2016IMG_2057 IMG_2056

And if you think the hotel looks good in these pictures, wait until you see our room. It was AMAZING and I felt just like Alice in Wonderland! Pictures coming soon in the next blog post!

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